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The Frame: Episode 2 Josephine Sacabo

Hosted by educator and photographer Zack Smith “The Frame: A Louisiana Photograph Podcast” is a bi-monthly series that showcases the work, backgrounds, and creative philosophies of Louisiana photographers. These hour-long conversations are recorded live at the Louisiana Humanities Center in New Orleans.

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Ghosts of Good Times

Louisiana Dance Halls Past and Present By Jacob Morrow-Spitzer   ... "These buildings, once central in nearly every rural town, acted not just as a place to swing dance with a partner but as spots to gossip, reconnect, eat, drink (and occasionally find yourself in a 40-minute brawl with guys from neighboring towns). As the region began to change, however, many these cultural establishments were abandoned and their structures slowly disfigured, standing only as reminders of their bygone importance to the communities they served."

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