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From the vine to the vein

New Orleans artist Jacqueline Bishop often travels to South American countries (alone and with scientists) to document flora and fauna for inclusion in her work, as in this 1992 oil on Masonite painting, "From the Vine to the Vein."

Creator Bishop, Jacqueline (artist)
Coverage 1992
Category Art
Regions Greater New Orleans, Orleans
Time Periods Late-20th Century
Index letter B
Medium Painting
Repository Ogden Museum of Southern Art
ID Number FM_2487
Copyright Copyrighted
Disclaimer Physical rights are retained by the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. The Louisiana Endowment has included this work in KnowLouisiana for the purposes of criticism, comment, teaching, scholarship, educational research, all other nonprofit educational usages under Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act.

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