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"Murder of Louisiana sacrificed on the altar of radicalism"

In this 1871 illustration, President Ulysses S. Grant and Congress turn a blind eye to the controversial election of William P. Kellogg as governor of Louisiana. Kellogg holds up a heart he has just extracted from the body of the female figure of Louisiana. Two freedmen stretch the body of Louisiana across the sacrificial altar. Enthroned behind the altar sits Grant, holding a sword. His attorney general, George H. Williams, the winged demon perched behind him, directs his hand. At left, three other leering officials watch the operation, while at right women, representing various Confederate states, look on in obvious distress. South Carolina, kneeling closest to the altar, is in chains.

Creator Zenneck, A. (Artist)
Coverage 1871
Category History
Regions Greater New Orleans
Time Periods Reconstruction Period
Index letter M
Medium Illustration
Repository Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division
Collection Name Cartoon Prints, American
ID Number LC-USZ62-8788
Copyright Public Domain
Disclaimer The Louisiana Endowment has included this work in KnowLouisiana for the purposes of criticism, comment, teaching, scholarship, educational research, all other nonprofit educational usages under Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act.

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