Interview: Captain “Doc” Hawley of the Steamboat NATCHEZ

Captain Clarke C. “Doc” Hawley has served as master of three of the remaining five Mississippi River steamboats, including of the Steamboat NATCHEZ. His career began when he boarded a steamboat in his hometown of Charleston, West Virginia as a calliope player. Although Captain “Doc” retired in 1995, he continues to serve the Steamboat NATCHEZ as a substitute calliope player. interviewed him aboard the NATCHEZ.

Steamer, Natchez

The Natchez preparing to sail from New Orleans. Courtesy of Flickr, photo by Karim Razk.




The Natchez sailing on the Mississippi River. Courtesy of Flickr, photo by Infrogmation.









Setting out on the Mississippi

Setting out on the Mississippi. Courtesy of Flickr, photo by Smthng Else.








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