Sidney Bechet - All Audio Files

Buddy Bolden's Blues

Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers play, “Buddy Bolden's Blues” with Sidney Bechet on the soprano sax.

Sheik of Araby

Fred Hatfield, host of the New Orleans Jazz Radio Program, introduces a 1941 recording of "Shiek of Araby" by Sidney Bechet. The song is a "one man band" recording; Bechet played each instrument, re-recording the tune with a different instrument each time.


Sidney Bechet's Summertime recorded in New York City on June 8, 1939.


Shag by Sidney Bechet, recorded in 1932.

Les Oignons

This version of “Les Oignons” is from “Sidney Bechet with Michel Attenoux & His Orchestra -Broadcast of Brussels Concert, March 7, 1954.” Personnel: Sidney Bechet -Soprano Sax, Michel Attenoux -Soprano Sax, Guy Longnon -Trumpet, Raymond Fouseque -Trombone, André Dersiany -Piano, Biddy Banks -Bass, Jacques David -Drums.

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