26 Years, 9,088 pages, 551 writers, 138 awards

You are known by the company you keep. Our features in Louisiana Cultural Vistas magazine include the bylines of Pulitzer Prize winners, poet laureates, past governors, mayors, international renowned historians, folklorists, archaeologists, musicologists, film makers and museum curators. Your advertising will be surrounded by photography and art that plays a critical role in the magazine’s continued evolution. You will be a part of a living history and the best the state has to offer in all realms of the humanities.

To advertise, contact:

Morgan Randall
Marketing Coordinator

Editorial Calendar 2018

  • Spring 2018 (March 1): Humanist of the Year
  • Summer 2018 (June 1)
  • Fall 2018 (September 1): Tricentennial Music Issue
  • Winter 2018 (December 1): Louisiana Families





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